Experience Real-Time 3-Dimensional Sound with Blue Ever Blue Earphones.

From audiophiles to audio engineers, the groundswell of enthusiasm for this new technology is amazing listeners and perplexing competitors. Hear sounds in your music that you have never heard before. Locate sound sources on the left, right, front and back. Listen to the delicate vibrato of a singer and the pure sound of an instrument, without distortion.

HTT, a Head-fi.org reviewer, discussing his experience with the 1200EX

My initial impressions are exceptionally favorable. How long do I need to burn them in for complete maturation? Initially, I am getting a bit of sibilance. Imaging and instrument separation is impressive. I have issues with mild tinnitus and with auditory figure ground, not full auditory processing issues. Some IEMs seem to enhance my tinnitus and blur music, not with the 1200EXs. I find the 1200EXs give a much more natural feel on my eardrum than usual IEMs with less pressure and confinement, more similar to listening to speakers and headphones. Maybe I am buying into their company line about their driver technology, but two thumbs up for the 1200 EX so far.

I am just using iDevices. I hear a v-shaped sonic signature with my iPhone 6s. Despite the v-shape with the iPhone, the 1200 EX is thoroughly enjoyable. The 1200 EX is much more even with a simple step up to an iPad Air. After about 70 hours of use, I am not sure if the 1200 EX is sibilant or just reveals sibilance in recordings. Interestingly, I cannot listen to another DD earphone after using the 1200 EX. I try others, but take them out and go back and grab the 1200 EX. I feel much less pressure on my eardrum and I notice increased instrument separation. I love the thing. It isn't just "new toy-it is" either.

HDSS [the technology in Blue Ever Blue earphones] Helps the Hard of Hearing.

HDSS sound technology distinguishes itself from conventional sound technologies in its patented ability to prevent the heat build-up in the speaker enclosure by creating a dynamic volume area which allows heat and pressure to remain constant within the enclosure. In this dynamic volume area sound frequency waves evolve naturally without distortion. This undistorted sound reaches the eardrum in a pure state allowing the brain to easily interpret the sound. For hard of hearing persons there is usually some damage to the cilia receptors located in the cochlea. HDSS may not improve this damage but it removes one less obstacle to the work of the brain in comprehending the sound source.

Here are basic instructions on how to set this up for premier hearing assistance. First take your hearing aids out and place them somewhere safe. Insert the HDSS in-ear earphones into your smart phone’s headphone jack. Insert the HDSS earphones in your ears properly, open the hearing assistance application [There are many hearing assistance applications available for the smart phone.], and point your smart phone at the sound you would like to hear. The Blue Ever Blue HDSS in-ear earphone models 1001 and 878 are recommended as the best earphones for hard of hearing persons.

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For a M.S. suffer, Blue Ever Blue is better than medical marijuana!

"Not only is the "Silver" the best pair of headphones that I have ever heard, the soothing sounds at low volume allow me to keep the cap on my muscle relaxer, Zanaflex."


Blue Ever Blue aids those with hearing loss

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“...I've been thankful to have the opportunity to listen to a number of outstanding earphones this year, but the Model 1200EX really stands out. It's always refreshing to try out something that's intended for low-volume listening. It's even better when the earphone sounds this good”

B9Scrambler, Head-Fi. org reviewer ( Nov 2016) Read More

“...If you are looking for some high-quality ear buds to compliment your BlackBerry device, you won’t be disappointed with Blue Ever Blue In-Ear Headphones.
At a reasonable cost of only $90 the model 1001 headphones are worth every penny spent for the joy they will bring to the audiophile in your life.”

S. Harvey, Editor in Chief, BlackberryOS.com (Oct 2015) Read More

“...Very happy that I took the chance on these.
...Do keep an eye out for them or something that mentions the tech [HDSS®] as they are worth checking out.”

Anthony D. (Head-Fi. Forum, Aug 2010) Read More


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Based on recently patented Embedded Transmission Line (ETL) technology, HDSS® solves a nearly 100 year old audio engineering dilemma: How do you reduce distortion and noise caused by the heat generated by a vibrating loudspeaker cone? READ MORE

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