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"Features an above average stage size, good texture and highlighted vocals. They have nice low extension and a good punch down low. " Anthony D. Read The Full Account

"These are very similar to the original 828 [HDSS] phones though slightly more open and airy, I think. Good choice for entry level HDSS® IEMs at $35 and nicely packaged with the extra domes and little velvet carrying pouch." David B. (Georgia)

Latest News Praises BeB earphone Models!

Comprehensive review describes the  BeB earphone products as "unpolished gems" in the IEM war zone."


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Based on recently patented Embedded Transmission Line (ETL) technology, HDSS® solves a nearly 100 year old audio engineering dilemma: How do you reduce distortion and noise caused by the heat generated by a vibrating loudspeaker cone? READ MORE

“...Very happy that I took the chance on these.
...Do keep an eye out for them or something that mentions the tech [HDSS®] as they are worth checking out.”

Anthony D. (Head-Fi. Forum, Aug 2010) Read More